About Tom Monroe

A great reason to shop here is because you are dealing directly with someone who is really qualified to sell these discs. Tom was "the" tester for all new golf discs for Disc Golf Journal, Disc Golf World and  has been throwing and selling golf discs since before Innova was created. He ordered one of the first runs of the original Eagles for the Worlds in Huntsville in 83. He also ordered the famous "Shuttle Puppy" for that tournament which many say was the best putter ever made.  Other facts about Tom that might interest you to know are;
  • He ran the first PDGA tournament
  • Was on the first PDGA BOD for 10 years
  • Taught Frisbee classes at the U. in Huntsville and was the Frisbee Coach at the U. of FL for 15 years. Now teaches at Samford and the University of Alabama in Birmingham.
  • Ran the S.E. Nationals for 20 years.
  • Entered into the Guinness Book in 79 for 90yard TRC.
  • He has won over 20 Disc Golf and Frisbee World Titles
  • One of Tom's favorite things to do now is help new golfers.   
  • Started the Frisbee Movement in the South in 1974.  
  • Has designed over 50 courses.
  • Co-Founder of the Disc Golf Course Designers.  
  • Has received the Presidential Sports Award.
  • Alabama Sports Festival Disc Golf Commissioner. 
Tom also gives private lessons.

To see more go to the PDGA Hall of Fame page, first year.


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