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IFO carries three major brands of Golf Discs::
INNOVA, Discraft, and Lightning, DGA,   Quest ,, Millennium and a few others.


In the warehouse: Putters, Approach, Midrange, Drivers (Understable), Drivers (Overstable), KC Plastic, DX Plastic, "Z" Plastic, Champion Plastic, ESP and Star.

    New  Champion ,  and  Star Drivers are in. 


Aviar -- Soft plastic, #1 putter for years.

Rhyno -- features the ThumbTrac.

Polecat - very flat top with a round edge and low profile.

Birdie -- round edge, Thumb Trac and taller profile.
Sonic - similar to the old Fastback. Great for beginners and short turnovers.
Pro "R" Dart  new "Rubber" type plastic. A straighter Avair.
Wedge - Low profile, cuts through the wind.

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Hard Aviar -- old time favorite .

Rhyno -- Beveled edge cuts the wind.

XD -very straight

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Shark -- old time favorite. easy to control.

Cobra -- user friendly.

Roc -- more overstable Shark, cuts the wind.

Gator -- like a smaller Roc, overstable.

Spider -- more user friendly like a smaller Roc.

Wolf -- understable Roc.

Cro , similar to the Spider, but longer flight.

Skeeter  - similar to a Roc but smaller, 21cm., sharper edge than the Spider.
             Hydra, 170 midrange, Roc/Shark type feel/flight. Floats.!

                Kite, midrange turnover driver.


Omega Super Soft Putter

 JLS, LS and LF long drivers. They are stable and a little overstable and a lot of overstable respectively.

Orion - new wide rimmed version of the JLS. Flies fast and far, easy to throw straight.

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Drivers (Understable)

Turnover , goes to the right for righties.

Stingray -- the original turnover disc.

Leopard -- newer generation of turnover.

Valkarie -- Fast turnovers. All three of these are easy to throw straight when new and then break into good turnovers when broken in.

Archangel -- long turnover.

Dragon -- hard plastic ,150 only, long turnover.

Viking- very long flyer.

Hydra - 170gm -Floats

Viking - Faster Archangel.

Sidewinder and Roadrunner , long turnover. Champ only.

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Drivers (Overstable)

Cheetah -- fairly user friendly.

Gazelle -- more overstable then Cheetah.

Whipett -- very overstable, good for headwinds.

Viper -- larger, very overstable, easy to throw. 

Raven -- more user friendly Viper.

Eagle -- start of the newest line of drivers, fast. 

Tbird -- more user friendly Eagle.

Firebird -- more overstable Eagle.

 Beast - Similar to the Valkarye with a wider rim and greater stability.

Orc  -  Long driver not as overstable as the Beast.

Wraith -  longest yet 

Destroyer - faster than the Wraith


 Pro line, includes KC

More durable and flies faster, add $3.00 to DX/Base price.



Starfire -fast and long with good glide.

Orc, Valkarye, Beast


 New Champion Candy Drivers

Most durable, add $5.00 to DX/Base price.
CFR - inquire for special prices. (Destroyers)






Monster, Orc, Wraith, Destroyer

Aviar Putter, Shark, Coyote

Sidewinder - very long turnover, great roller.

Roadrunner - Turns a little quicker than the Sidewinder.

Monarch - like a longer Roadrunner. Very user friendly. Grooved rim.

Boss - the fastest driver ever made by Innova, very, very long.

Groove - more user friendly than the Boss. Grooved rim.

Champion Midrange and Putters


Spider, Shark, Coyote,  

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Star Plastic

 A blend of Champion and Pro

Drivers include  Wraith, Sidewinder, T bird, Valkarie, Monster, , Orc, Destroyer, Excaliber and others.

Midrange includes Star Crow, Spider, Gator, Skeeter etc.

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 DGA Squall, Midrange Driver, and Riptide for distance. a new blend of Candy plastic. Longest DGA disc, The Rogue, The Shockwave is a mildly overstable midrange, very controllable.
.  We also have the famous Blow Fly developed by Ed Headrick. He put thousands of tiny bubbles into the plastic so that the it absorbs impact and just stops in chains, the basket, or if it hits a tree.


We stock the most popular discs from Discraft including, among others:
Regular Plastic (Drivers , Midrange , Putters)

Pro "D" or Regular Plastic.
Elite Plastic (Drivers , Midrange , Putters)
Z Plastic (Drivers Midrange and Putters)

ESP Plastic, Top Pro Blend.

Regular Plastic,  Now called Pro D

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Cyclone -- very easy to throw long.

Stratus -- is a little understable, and easy to throw flat when new.


We ran the Ace Race and still have a few of those first run Impacts .

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Comet -- flies straight when new and slowly breaks into a controllable turnover.

Stratus -- same as the Comet but is more streamlined for longer flights.

Wasp - similar to the Roc, very accurate.

Drone - overstable and accurate.

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Rattler-- like a small Frisbee

Magnet and Soft Magnet -- beveled edge, very similar to the Avair, some say more user friendly when new.

Banger  GT with the new Groove Top.

Elite Plastic

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XS and XL -- are fairly stable. They are both world Record Distance discs.

Express--  understable and long.

Stratus - Short driver, turnover, good control

Wildcat - Fast, far, user friendly.

Predator - overstable Wildcat.

Talon - user friendly , a little overstable, long.

Avenger. wide rim go fast and far driver.
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Stratus - Mid to long turnover and rollers. Easy to throw long and straight when new.

Storm - fast flying , flat landing midrange.

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Putt "R" - Similar to the Rattler with a deeper rim. Very straight flyer.

Challanger- very straight line,  

Z plastic

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                Crush, long range controllable.

Flash -very long.

,        Flick -  very long and very overstable.

Candy Avenger, fast.



Glide, very user friendly, slow turnover.


Spectra, fast, controllable and in full color

Surge - longest yet.

Pulse- slightly overstable Surge

Hawk - very rare in "Z" limited run

Putt"R" - very straight flyer, good for short upshots too.

Wildcat -


Wasp -Similar to the Roc.

Buzz - straight line midrange

Surge - very long and straight

            Flick, very fast and overstable.

ESP Plastic similar to Star plastic. This is a blend of Z and Elite.

Surge,  Pulse, Force, Challanger, Zone  and others.


Most of the names are self explanatory: Driver , Hookshot , Hyzer , Slice , Flyer , Rubber Putter , Upshot , #1 Helix , #1 & 2 Roller , ProStyle Plastic

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1,2,3,4 -- Straight flights.

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1,2,3 -- flies fast hooks left.

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1,2,3 -- wants to swing left, good for headwinds or left curves.

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1,2,3 -- great turnover discs.

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1,2,3 -- #3 is the midrange.

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Rubber Putter

Domed top with beveled edge and soft plastic.

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1,2 -- #1 has a deeper rim than #2. Both fly very straight and are good putters.

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#1 Helix

Does the "S" curve for maximum distance.

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#1 & 2 Roller

#1 is a larger disc with a max weight of 180.

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ProStyle Plastic

Very durable and flexible add 2.00 more per disc.

Best Drivers in ProStyle include, D4, Z1, H2

 Gateway,  Quest:  Long distance Inferno, Raging Inferno , DT Inferno and DT Diablo.


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