New Players

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Disc Golf. Now that you are playing ,things can become a little confusing. Maybe we can help.

When you first start playing there are a couple things to remember. First, not all discs are easy to throw. Some are almost impossible. A couple things that make discs hard to control are weight and how overstable a disc is. Overstable means that it wants to curve in the direction of the outside edge relative to your grip.  You grip the inside edge. So, an overstable disc always wants to fly to the left for a right-handed backhand throw. Another factor of the disc that can cause this action is the fact that the disc is simply too heavy.

The best choice for new players is to stick to the 150 gram weight class. All of these discs weigh 150 grams or less. They are much easier to control and fly just about as far.

Another factor to remember is that the sharper the rim or edge of the disc, the harder it is to control. The easiest to throw are the ones with the rounded rims. Many putters have a round rim, like a Frisbee.

All you need to start with is a driver, a midrange and a putter. Usually ,the next addition is a turnover disc, one that flies in the opposite direction. For right-handed backhands that is a disc that turns to the right. This is one of the hardest throw to master and there are a few discs that are made to fly this way.

Feel free to Email me with your questions and we will figure out which discs would be best for you in this evolving  stage of your game. If you can make it to Birmingham, private lessons may be arranged.


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