Tom's Newsletter

Disc Golf 101, the instructional DVD for new players and people who would like to teach and/or coach new players. Chapters include: Sidearm, Backhand, Putting, Rollers, Midrange, Tee Shots , etc. There are  tips on getting out of trouble, how to save par, adding distance and helping beginners.

 New discs that are in the warehouse from Innova include the Destroyer in all 3 plastics. Now in 150 gm., 


  New from Discraft  is the Force, a very fast low profile overstable flyer in the great "ESP" plastic.  

The DGA 's longest driver , the Rogue is in the warehouse.

  The Shuttle Puppy is back in close to original soft plastic.

  Join the PDGA. Now is a good time to start accumulating  points, establish a rating  and you get that neat Membership Magazine.


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